The Clockwork Manual is a blog set up in mid 2008 to catalogue the writing of Jon X. Porter (hey, that’s me!) concerning video games in all their glory. In the subsequent four years much has changed. Dreams of going into games journalism have fallen by the wayside with the discovery of just what a competitive industry it can be, and other hobbies and commitments have changed the focus of the site, with a view to getting more content out there, though less specifically relating to video games. Niall Slater, and James Zhu also wrote the occasional piece, although we’re not really sure what happened to James, and at a certain point Niall was lost to the task of finishing his first novel.

Nowadays the Clockwork Manual catalogues writing on anything holding Jon’s interest at the time. We hope you like it.

Jon X. Porter

Jon X. Porter is recently graduated from a degree in Politics. He’s been blogging in some form or another since he first discovered MSN Spaces back in the early noughties, and for several years wrote exclusively about video games. His work has featured prominently on the front page of Bitmob, and has also appeared in PSM3.

When he’s not writing, Jon likes to play guitar, write bad comedy, and bust out offensive limericks about people who use the word ‘noughties’.

Get in contact by either emailing him here, or alternatively calling his name into the night. He’ll get back to you either way.


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