F.E.A.R 2 – Really frigging quick demo impressions

January 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Niall here, with a quick filler article on the Effeeayarrtwo demo, while I try to get my thoughts straight on my 2000 word TFU article (not joking).

Not a whole lot has changed from the original, apart from the fact that it looks a lot better and runs a lot faster. The environments seem to be a lot more imaginative than they used to, with a lot more eye candy running amok in the background than before. As with the original, the slow-motion is only really there because it’s really bloody hard without it. The fights are a lot more exciting if you don’t bother using it, because you’re forced to go absolutely mental if you want to survive. I really like the new way you can tip over certain objects to create cover as well. It’s not incredibly useful, but it just feels awesome to yank a vending machine away from the wall and duck down behind it to avoid a volley of hot lead – as it does to upend a long table for protection when a squad of evil bastards kicks down the door in front of you. I think Effeeayarr could easily achieve what both Black and Painkiller had a really good go at – relentless gunplay and superfluid movement through hordes of enemies – basically living the action movie dream. All it needs to do is drop the fucking slow-motion and ramp up your movement speed. The only reason you need slowmo is to counter your painfully slow limp from cover to enemy. What really impresses me, though, just as it did in the last one, is the fantastic A.I. Why can’t all shooters be this cunning? I’m seeing bad guys smash through windows while their friends spray bullets from cover to keep me from kung-fuing the face off him before he gets up (a fun little touch, by the way), as well as some terrifying use of grenades the likes of which I haven’t seen since the old Half-Life (and which is conspicuously absent from HL2). Oh yeah, and the spooky bollocks from last time returns, and this time it’s really intimidating because it’s a lot more visually impressive, and it can seriously eat your health bar if you lose your nerve.
In short(er) – Play it on hard, don’t use the slow-motion and remember those grenades if you want to enjoy this one.

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